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The Brand New Ilegrams Hall

OVERHAULING THE HALL: The New Ilegrams School Hall. It was reputed to be among the very set of buildings to be erected on the then 50 acres barren land on which Ilegrams is currently situated. In later years, the Ilesa Grammar school hall became so dilapidated that it turned into an eyesore and the odd out in the array of beautifully painted buildings within the school premises. Recent developments have however changed all these. In this special x-ray of the super brand new Ilegrams Conference Hall, ISAAC ODEYEMI explores an edifice that brings smiles out of its visitors. The old Ilesa grammar school hall was built way back in 1934, some months after the school itself was established. Reports say the construction of the hall then was done largely through individual efforts of the early stakeholders most especially the proprietors, - Egbe Atunluse of Ijesaland. For decades, the hall was a thing of pride to the school, hosting events ranging from academic programmes to social gatherings, examinations…We can go on and on Age, as they say, however took its toll on the old building. Initially, strong winds from a very heavy downpour that ravaged the school in the early part of this decade had devastating effects on the building. The roofing was terribly damaged in the storm. Within a very short period of time, the old building turned into one you would see and quickly turn away your attention, pretending as if you have seen nothing at all. The then principal, the late Mr. O. O Opeseitan began making frantic efforts, especially in appealing to the old students to come to its aid. And after initial renovation works, a decision was taken to overhaul the hall. The rest, as they say, is now history. From a seemingly unending contribution on the part of the school’s old students, a new hall started emerging. After a few years, the construction work that started bit by bit has now turned into a gigantic structure, radiating with well chosen colors and further enhancing the school’s reputation of being a tourists’ delight. With construction work well supervised by Professor Wale Omole the National Vice-President 1 of the old students association, the brand new hall now referred to as the Ilesa Grammar School Conference Hall is not only bigger than the old hall in capacity, it reflects the modern day pattern in construction work, bringing to the fore the fact that Ilegrams has produced old students who have all it takes to decide the best, and nothing but the best. The brand new hall is well equipped with its own toilet facilities for male and female, separately. Also, there is a provision for uninterruptible water supply. Apart from the main hall adorned with beautiful ceiling roofs and tiles on the floor, the building also has a room that could serve as back up to the main floor in whatever necessary capacity. The brand new hall has, to a very large extent, added more beauty and glamour to the school and has also boosted the confidence of every Ilesa Grammar School old student, whether at home or in the diaspora. The cameras have continued to click on its beautiful structure and outlook over the past months. And with a good maintenance culture on the part of whosoever is in charge, this hall will continue to live up to its billing as being among the first of its kind among public school halls in the country. Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the ever industrious and passionate ‘Omoluwabis’, Ilesa Grammar School now has a beautiful and gigantic multipurpose-turned-conference hall that will make the likes of Reverend Lahanmi, Canon Akinyemi, Loja Adeoye Adelekun, Ambassador Adedokun Haastrup, Baba Fafowowa, late members of the Egbe Atunluse and indeed several other late legends of the school beam with smiles, throw up an ‘AIONIAN PARTY’ and thank God for the lasting legacy, even in their graves! Culled from Premier Magazine, a special publication on Ilegrmas at 75, published by Club 2003

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